Dancurrier photographer

Specialist wedding photographer

Wedding photography is all about capturing the very best natural images that will help make your special day one to remember forever.

It's about telling a story of the day and the best stories encapsulate a whole mix of events, interactions and emotions. That's why it's important to shoot a wide variety of images using a range of styles such as unique and contemporary portraits, atmospheric scenes and whatever traditional shots are requested.

The day is about the bride, groom and the wedding party and so, whilst you'll see us working hard you'll find us unobtrusive and sensitive to the demands of the day. We simply love taking photographs and are totally motivated and focussed to ensure we approach every single wedding we do with the very same professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment.

Our approach is not about how we are going to handle your special day it's about how you would like us to handle your special day and this is where the real difference is. We want to make sure your wedding day is truly your day.

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