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        Shikefu board belongs to the brand of Zhejiang shikefu home building materials Co., Ltd. We adhere to the guidance of customer demand and continuous technological innovation, and focus on the R & D, manufacturing and sales of health board series products. At present, the company has high standard production workshop and warehouse equipment with complete functions. At the same time, it is equipped with perfect product testing center, high intelligent quality management system, advanced production technology and scientific management system to provide customers with high-quality quality quality assurance. Relying on advanced technology and equipment, industry experience and excellent talents, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, which not only meets the personalized requirements of customers, but also meets the market demand. The product function positioning, price positioning and image positioning are closer to the market.

        In order to promote the green process of the industry, shikefu plate actively integrates various advantageous resources, participates in the global competition, advocates the concept of green consumption, takes high-quality and high environmental protection products as the carrier, and is committed to building an influential plate product service provider in China, realizing the transformation and upgrading from manufacturing industry to brand service industry, and striving to build resource advantage, innovation advantage and brand advantage, Realize the leap forward development of enterprises.

        Shikefu board adheres to the service tenet of "people-oriented, customer first" and attaches great importance to the corporate image. The company constantly reforms and innovates, treats customers sincerely, and creates first-class service quality to enhance its competitiveness. Products with excellent quality, perfect after-sales service system, won the favor of many customers. Shikefu board adheres to the economic concept of "integrity, credibility and prosperity". With a new attitude and spirit, it welcomes visitors from all over the world, makes friends all over the world, and wholeheartedly provides first-class products and services for customers at home and abroad. We are willing to work together with friends from all over the world to create a better future!

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        Address:Expo Dibao garden, Luoxing street, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province



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