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        What are the details that should be paid attention to in the purchase of ecological board

        Release Time: 2021-03-19 11:50:30

        1. Shikefu board tells you that the standard ecological board is made of solid wood, the joint of the center wood is very close, the section is smooth, and the internal data of the fake ecological board is very rough, the center is all cracks, simple warping deformation, if the unqualified glue is used in the board, it will bring formaldehyde damage.
        2. Product weight. Different products have different weight, density and quality. But it doesn't mean that heavy quality is necessarily good. We need to check it in combination with the actual situation.
        3. Appearance color. Product color is the fundamental way to distinguish, because it is wood after all, its grain appearance must be like wood, but different types of products, the effect of wood grain is not the same!
        4. Cross section. If the cross-section is made of wood, it needs to feel like wood. If there is no wood feel, the proportion may not be in place, but the roughness depends on the quality of the machine blade. The products cut by sharp blade are very smooth, but the products cut by non sharp blade are not.
        5. Edge banding. Many furniture factory machine edge, if present knot is not beautiful, there is flattening phenomenon, then ecological board itself has a problem. When choosing furniture, pay attention to whether the edge is flat.

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