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        Home decoration starts from choosing a good board!

        Release Time: 2021-04-24 17:22:44

        As we all know, in the home decoration industry, the era of customized furniture has come. Custom wardrobe, custom kitchen, custom wallboard, more owners no longer pursue simple and practical. Beautiful and environmental protection, has become a rigid demand for the plate.

        The main source of household environmental pollution is furniture. Without a good board, it is impossible to make healthy furniture. The choice of customized home panels should take environmental protection as the primary standard. So how can we buy a better plate? Today, shikefu plate will introduce to you the matters needing attention in purchasing. Let's have a look together.



        See if there are obvious defects on the surface of the plate

        The surface of decorative plate should be smooth and clean, without burr, cutting knife mark and glue penetration (such as local blackening and yellowing). Try to select the plate surface without crack, crack, knot, skin and gum path, and the natural warpage of the whole plate should be as small as possible, so as to avoid the sand penetration of the substrate due to improper sanding process operation.

        Plate appearance inspection

        The appearance of decorative plate should have good aesthetic feeling, the material should be fine and uniform, the color should be clear, the wood grain should be beautiful, the texture of plate matching and mosaic should be arranged according to certain rules, the wood color is similar, and the seam is nearly parallel to the plate edge.

        The structure of the adhesive layer of the sheet is stable, and there is no glue opening phenomenon. It should be noted that there should be no bulge and delamination between the veneer on the surface of the sheet and the substrate, and between the layers inside the substrate. Choose the board with low formaldehyde emission

        Do not choose the decorative plate with pungent taste. Generally speaking, the greater the odor of the board, the higher the formaldehyde emission, the more serious the pollution and the greater the harm.


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